About this website

Our web site is an informative site. We do not sell our plants and other gardening items through our web site, but want to inform the garden enthusiasts of Curaçao and those of its sister islands Aruba and Bonaire about landscaping in our, rather difficult, climate.

But first a few remarks about the layout of this site.

Start Page

The picture in our Start page shows the ‘Handelskade’ the most photographed object in Curaçao (See Curaçao.com for more information about our island in the Caribbean Sea).

Botanical News

From time to time we will publish interesting news on this page. New plants, tips about gardening, interesting web sites, etc.

Top Ten List

This page shows those plants most often visited in our database. (It is constantly calculated and updated by the database). The second list shows those plants that are used the most in Curaçao.

About Vivian’s 

Here we tell the story about our company.

Contact us 

On this page you will find our addresses, phone and fax numbers and e-mail address. It also shows maps to guide you to our locations.


The Disclaimer is self explanatory.

About our website

About our website is where you are now.

Search the Database

And finally Search the Database. This is where you will find pictures, botanical and common names and information about the plants. This information is based on the way the plants perform under our local conditions.

How to use the database. If you know the name of the plant, type it in the field behind ‘Plant name’ and click search. But what if you do not know the name?? Well, you do not need the name of a plant to find it. Simply fill in a few of the specific fields of the database by using the pull down menus. For example, you can fill in: ‘palm’ under plant type and ‘gray’ under leave color. Then click search and those palms with gray leaves will show up in a list. Click the names shown one by one until you find the palm you’re looking for. Click a picture and it will be enlarged. (If you don’t find the palm you’re looking for, please let us know). The less search fields you fill in, the longer the list of plants found will be.

Most search fields need no explanation, but Salt tolerance and Drought tolerance do. The gardens in Curaçao are usually watered with well water. Our well water is in most cases brackish. But because the quality differs from well to well, it is therefore important to have the quality (salinity) of your well water checked before you choose plants to landscape your garden with. Some plants simply do not perform with brackish water. (Read more about water quality under Botanical News from the Start Page). Plants differ much in drought tolerance. But you also need to understand that the same plant will react differently to drought in different climates. For example, in Florida a Coconut palm is considered to be highly drought tolerant, while here in Curaçao it will start to wilt within a week if not watered. So be careful with what you read in books about plants.

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